Hot Ashi

Relax Track Specialty training: 1 day, 8 CE's, $224

Prerequisites: Certified in FasciAshi Fundamentals

Learn to use heated flaxseed pillows to perform specific barefoot massage protocols for the client in both a supine and prone position, in Hot Ashi part of the our Relax Track specialized classes. Hot Ashi is performed through clothing on a massage table with overhead bars and a flexible strap for balance and shearing ability.

Heat is an effective way to relieve both chronic and new pain and aches as well as promote relaxation. Its use is non-invasive and non-addictive, inexpensive and easy to incorporate into massage services. Using therapist’s feet in conjunction with heat produces almost effortless results, both in relaxation and in stress / pain reduction.

A Non-Refundable $112 retainer is required to hold your spot in class - the remaining $112 balance is due before class starts.


Therapists will learn:

  • How to use the combination of their feet and hot flax pillows to provide a complementary full body barefoot massage myofascial integration.

  • The contraindications of use of heated flax pillow in deep tissue barefoot massage.

  • The benefits of the use of heat in conjunction with barefoot massage.

  • The proper care, heating, and use of heated flaxseed pillows.

  • To identify endangerment sites and structures that are unsafe to massage with heat, or the feet.

  • To integrate the use of heated flaxseed pillows over the clients clothes, or a with traditional FasciAshi draping as the client is undressed for a massage.

  • A full body 60 minute supine and prone protocol integrating heated flax pillows to provide fascial stretching, trigger point and techniques to the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, and feet.

  • The ability apply deep tissue, trigger point, and fascial techniques utilizing their feet on a variety of bodies.

Therapists will practice on and receive feedback from:

  • 1-2 other therapists in class

  • In class, you will:

    • Give 3.5 hours of massage during this class

    • Receive 3.5 hours of massage from other students

Attendees are provided with:

  • Course Workbook with pictures

  • Discounts to Mother Earth Pillows

  • Easy access to retail Mother Earth Pillow products as added value for your clients, and extra income for you!

  • Access to the free Alumni Membership website with videos of the strokes learned in class


Retake this course for $100/day! 

Change is hard, learning is a process.  Maybe you didn't get your bars up right away, and you are forgetting the details.... maybe it's been a few years and you feel rusty. For best retention of the concepts, theories, strokes and adventures we experience in class, you are always welcome back to review everything all over again. No CE's or course materials are provided, but we'll partner you up with either a client or another #AshiatsuTherapist who is also reviewing the class, and you'll get to give and receive FasciAshi all day long while being guided, and tweaked, by the instructor.  (Get a 2 hour massage for $100?! Not bad!)

Attend the 1st day of any Fijian class for a review of:

  • Whatever we get to!

  • Cautions & Contraindications

Attend the 2nd day of any Fijian class for a review of:

  • Whatever we didn't get to on Day #1!

  • 2 student clinic rounds

(Email your instructor to see if any space is available for you to take this class refresher course)

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