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Learn myofascial Ashiatsu in Texas


We give massage therapists the tools to become fanatical ashiatsu practitioners, curious anatomy nerds, and confident barefoot massage specialists within niche markets of sports massage, medical massage, and pain-science based relaxation massage therapy.


We don’t just teach Ashiatsu… we live and breathe it.

If you've heard of barefoot massage in the last 10 years - chances are the waves we have been making in Texas are what rippled into your point of view!

The Texas Ashiatsu scene is a big part of the forward momentum across the growing barefoot massage industry. Our Texas Ashiatsu Instructors, Jeni Spring and Hillary Arrieta, are involved with the Texas AMTA, the AFMTE, NCBTMB, and local massage school boards. We stay in touch with our profession at the state and national level so that we can help create change for the future of Barefoot Massage Therapists.

We practice what we teach: as FasciAshi instructors, we continue to offer barefoot massage services to our own clients in addition to teaching continuing education courses. We believe that maintaining an active practice in what we teach keeps the material fresh, evolving, and responsive.

Plus, we love the work so much that we want to continue massaging! (We'll be two feet deep in our clients muscles until we are 6 feet deep in the ground!)

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For Massage Therapists like you!

Hundreds of massage therapists since 2008 have learned from Jeni Spring and found their calling to massage with their feet - everyone of them from a different walk of life. Whether you are fresh out of massage school or a massage veteran, whether you work for someone or you own your own business, incorporating Barefoot Massage techniques will help you "save your hands for other things" as we like to say!

Our classes have been many massage therapists first continuing education class, as they've started out their calling to providing HEELING bodywork on the right foot. We've seen entrepreneurial and experienced massage therapists who might have feel faded or exhausted in their careers get completely amped up and re-inspired in their work, thanks to ashiatsu.


 Top 5 Reasons to Learn FasciAshi:


5-7 Year Long Career?

"They" say that you are lucky to make it to the 7th year practicing massage. It definitely takes 2 years to hone in on your craft and create a solid following - so that leaves you with just 5 years to survive and thrive? That's not enough to pay off your massage school loans! Adding Barefoot Massage as the main power tool in  your massage toolbelt can lengthen your career, save your body, and gain you a strong following of clients as you continue to massage f-a-r beyond the 7 year predictions. Jeni is at year 15.


4+ different core Classes available

Licensed Massage Therapists will start with our FasciAshi Fundamentals or Fijian Massage classes, then progressively increase your barefoot massage technique vocabulary through our Intermediate, ROM, and Advanced  levels of training.

We only provide live training  - no online classes. This is a big deal to us.



3+ Specialty Tracks of Training

Find your footing the deeper you get into training.  Niche down into your area of expertise and stoke your interests with a focus on Relaxation Based Barefoot Massage, Barefoot Sports Massage, Clinical Barefoot Massage, or floor-based Barefoot Bodywork.  You've already stepped up your game by learning FasciAshi, these specialty tracks allow you to cater your training to your clients "kneads". We'll be releasing new classes to these tracks each year, so you can #NeverStopLearning!



2+ Massage Instructors

With the Texas Ashiatsu training hub based out of San Antonio, Texas with Jeni Spring, you'll find guest FasciAshi instructors and Barefoot influencers from across the nation. Hillary Arrieta's satellite training location in the Dallas, Texas area offers small, intimate classes and focuses on you getting centered in the beginning stages of this work. PLUS, train with us, and open up your opportunities to travel to any Center for Barefoot Massage instructor across the nation and be eligible to attend upper level courses!


You are #1.

If it's one thing that massage therapists are not consistently good at - it's taking care of themselves. We give and give, but our own self care can take a hit. With FasciAshi, you'll be saving your hands by reducing the grip. You'll be limiting the amount of compression forces in your wrists and shoulders. You'll get to stand up straight and work on your own posture while massaging - rather than hunching over. Although you aren't doing pull-ups all hour long in your bars, the micro-movements of lift will help to strengthen and tone your upper limbs, while also creating traction in your wrists. Your glutes, adductors and core will activate as you dance through your massages. Your feet will be constantly stimulated and strengthened as they bend and contort to mold into the uneven shapes of your clients body. The ease of providing deep tissue with the help of your body weight and gravity will conserve your physical and mental energy so that you can have a life outside of work. YOU. You are the #1 reason to learn FasciAshi.   

So lets do this.


1st Step:


Your journey starts here. This beginner Ashiatsu training will teach you how to use your feet to provide a full body deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point work focused barefoot massage session.

Complete the self-study Certification program for this class later to gain  access to the Relaxation Based Barefoot Massage Track of Classes


2nd Steps:



Give weight and wait. This intermediate ashiatsu class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to maintain long trigger point holds and deliver deep, slower gliding strokes to the anterior and lateral aspects of your client’s body. Get to the forgotten muscles, or at least the hard to reach ones, and learn new ways to utilize your ashi-strap to help you massage on different planes with varying angles of pressure.

Complete this class for access to the Advanced FasciAshi course...




Using Passive, Active and Resisted Range of Motion techniques, this stretch therapy class allows the Massage Therapist to stand on a massage table and maneuver clients limbs with their feet, while holding onto overhead support for balance and leverage. This helps a practitioner effortlessly maintain consistent pressure and leverage while providing sustained compression, and long fascial stretches.

Complete the self-study Certification program for this class later and you'll have access to the Barefoot Sports Massage Track of Classes


3rd Step:


This advanced level class empowers the experienced ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist to work with more difficult single and double footed strokes, potentially applying their full bodyweight as “kneaded.” Strokes are performed with the client in Prone, Anterior and Sidelying positions, while the therapist massages from varying angles of pressure to achieve a safe, deep, myofascial barefoot massage focusing on structural alignment.

Complete the self-study Certification program for this class later and you'll have access to the Clinical Barefoot Massage Track of Classes

Side Step:

Fijian Barefoot Massage

This style of barefoot massage is performed on a floor mat, with the client clothed - no bars overhead are needed. Fijian Massage incorporates specific, deep pressure followed by a vigorous jostle movement to the larger muscle groups, and works with intensity by using our strong toes and bony aspects of our feet to create simple, rhythmic stroke repetitions. There are no prerequisites for this class - it’s beginner level neuromuscular barefoot massage!

Steps Ahead:

Specialty Track classes for Certified FasciAshi Barefoot Massage Therapists!

Our focused Track Classes are only available to those who pass the corresponding level of Certification. Once you’ve stepped up your game by learning FasciAshi and completing your Certification process(es), these specialty tracks allow you to cater your training to your clients.

Tracks currently available:


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