FasciAshi Intermediate

Supine + Sidebody training: 2 days, 16 CE's, $447

Prerequisite: FasciAshi Fundamentals (OR Converge, or equivalent proof of your previous 16-24 CE hour beginner level live-class Ashiatsu training. Proof of CE, plus a video audition may be required for verification of your skill level.)

This intermediate ashiatsu class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to maintain long sustained pressure holds on trigger points or adhered layers of tissue, while delivering deep, slow gliding strokes to the anterior and lateral aspects of your client’s body.

Supine and Sidebody strokes will give you the tools to provide a comprehensive “feet-on” practice in the often forgotten, hard to read areas of the body. We share how to work along the topography of our clients bones, and manipulate the length of each muscle and fascial chain.

A Non-Refundable $223.50 deposit is required to hold your spot in class - the remaining $223.50 balance is due before class starts.


Therapists will learn:

  • Theory of myofascial barefoot massage pertaining to trigger point and sustained compression

  • Structural benefits to every stroke

  • Ashi-Strap work to help angle your pressure without straining your upper body

  • Contraindications and indications for barefoot massage 

  • Appropriate biomechanics to save their body and working intricately

  • Detailed neck, chest, shoulder and arm work

  • Psoas, Iliacus, Obliques, Lats and QL work

  • Hip flexors and rotator work

  • Deeper, more detailed strokes using your strong toes, lateral edge of our foot, and your calves

Therapists will practice on and receive feedback from:

  • Other therapists in class

  • A student clinic client

  • Overall, you’ll give 5.5 hours of massage during this class, receive 5.5 hours of massage from other students, and spend a total of 2 hours observing the instructor and other LMT’s demonstrate the strokes

Attendees are provided with:

  • Course Workbook
  • Access to the free Alumni Membership website with videos of the strokes learned in class


Retake this course for $100/day! 

Change is hard, learning is a process.  Maybe you didn't get your bars up right away, and you are forgetting the details.... maybe it's been a few years and you feel rusty. For best retention of the concepts, theories, strokes and adventures we experience in class, you are always welcome back to review everything all over again. No CE's or course materials are provided, but we'll partner you up with either a client or another #AshiatsuTherapist who is also reviewing the class, and you'll get to give and receive FasciAshi all day long while being guided, and tweaked, by the instructor.  (Get a 2 hour massage for $100?! Not bad!)

Attend the 1st day of any Intermediate class for a review of:

  • Cautions & Contraindications
  • Sidebody strokes & ~some~ Anterior strokes depending on timing

Attend the 2nd day of any Intermediate class for a review of:

  • Anterior Body Strokes
  • Participate in the Student Clinic massage rounds for extra practice

(Email your instructor to see if any space is available for you to take this class refresher course)

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